Posted Sep 13


A French-themed party was simulated by the students of Professional Culinary and Professional Culinary Baking and Pastry Arts (DPCA Batch 44 and DPBPA Batch 45) in early November 2019!



Dubbed Soiree, this restaurant simulation was supervised and coached by Chefs Garie Quiambao, Cho Marcelino, and Rushel Calderon . These three bright minds supervised the execution of the full menu of savory dishes, breads, desserts, and after-dinner pastries.



“The initial challenge, says Chef Garie, “was the familiarity and harmony between 3 groups of students
from different batches. On the day of the Soiree simulation, the students had to overcome the
complexity of the transition of orders from the front of the house to the back of the house. It was a
crash course for the students who functioned as food servers. In terms of prep and cooking
however, I proudly say that these world-class trained students were in good form.” Chef Rushel
adds, “The preps for the breads, desserts, and mignardise were tedious and lots of patience was
needed. The chocolates had to be kept at a certain temperature amid a room which sometimes
became warm from the simultaneous cooking.



Chef Garie continues, “However, thanks to Global Academy’s established standardized teaching, all
the bumps were overcome and the students worked well on their own during practice sessions. This
simulation also validated the students’ ability to work with a Chef Instructor they have never met
(Chef Cho). The admirable talent within this group of future chefs, the tireless consolidated efforts of
Global Academy Chef Instructors and staff, and the unconditional support of the students’ parents,
family, and friends made this French-themed party a huge success.



This experience was the closest thing to the real kitchen action prior to our students’ Internship or
OJT.” Chef Garie ends.



Be equipped for the real kitchen and get a first taste of it in Global Academy’s restaurant simulations!




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