Posted Aug 5


Was your Culinary and Baking education put to an abrupt halt?

Transfer to Global Academy!

Global Academy keeps up with the adjusted times in fulfillment of its commitment to deliver world-class Culinary and Baking education. This is how its Modular E-Learning Portal (MEP) came to be.

When you choose MEP, your journey towards a fruitful career in the food business continues even in these unpredictable and trying times. It is the same world-class Culinary and Baking
education recognized first in the Philippines by world chefs, facilitated by multi-awarded and industry-admired Chef Instructors are available to you:

✓ in the safety of your own place
✓ at the convenience of your own pace
✓ with the luxury of your own time!

Over 500 techniques and recipes to learn!
Plus, we will credit your finished subjects and courses from your
former school, through our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

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