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Professional Baking and Pastry Arts (BPA)

Global Academy
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The Professional Baking and Pastry Arts course is a fundamentals program made for aspiring pastry professionals. Students of this course can expect to learn all the basic techniques required in a professional pastry kitchen as they are instructed in a method that pairs intensive hands-on practice with in-depth theoretical coverage.

Here is the course outline:


This Orientation provides learners with the necessary information to maximize their learning experience in MeP. These include: Learning Responsibilities Learning Activities Course Description Equipment and Other Program Requirements Ingredient Lists and Conventions Online Code of Conduct and Other Requirements for Program Completion

Course Description and Objectives
Equipment and Other Program Requirements
Purchasing Ingredients
Suppliers Directory
Consent to Share Images and Work of Learners
Student e-Handbook
General Academic Guidelines, Policies and Procedures
Guidelines on Uniform, Grooming, Hygiene and Health
Learner Profile Completion
Code of Conduct: General Standards of Behavior and Online Decorum
Code of Conduct: Policies on Disciplinary Action
Conduct Score
Buying Chef Uniforms
Uniform and Grooming, Online Decorum and Other Guidelines
Miscellaneous Requirements for Program Completion
Learner Profile Completion
Acknowledgement and Consent
Mock Theoretical Assessment
Mock Practical Assessment

Module 01: Introduction to Professional Baking

Introduction to the baking profession, as well as its history and evolution Common professional baking equipment and mise en place (preparation for bakery production)

The Baking Profession
Baking and Pastry Tools and Equipment
Mise En Place
Mise En Place Recipes
Theoretical Assessment: Introduction to Professional Baking
End of the Module Evaluation

Module 02: Food and Kitchen Safety

Introduction to Food Safety; The Flow of Food; Types of Food Hazards; Facilities Cleaning and Sanitizing; Fire Safety and First Aid; Covid 19 Precaution

Introduction to Food Safety
Overview of Foodborne Microorganism and Allergens
Personal Hygiene
Purchasing, Receiving and Storage
Preparation, Cooking, and Serving
Facilities: Cleaning and Sanitizing
Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Workspace
First Aid Basics
Fire Safety Basics
Covid-19 Precautions
Theoretical Assessment: Food Safety and Sanitation
End of the Module Evaluation

Module 03: Product Identification I

Flours, Grains, and Starches Sugar and Other Sweeteners Leaveners, Gelling Agents and Gums

Flours, Grains, and Starches
Sugar and Other Sweeteners
Leaveners, Gelling Agents and Gums
Theoretical Assessment: Product Identification 1
End of the Module Evaluation

Module 04: Product Identification II

Milk and Milk Products Fats and Oils Eggs and Egg Products Nuts and Seeds

Milk and Milk Products
Fats and Oils; Egg and Egg Products
Nuts and Seeds
Theoretical Assessment: Product Identification II
End of the Module Evaluation

Module 05: Product Identification III

Flavoring powders and Spices Extracts, Emulsions and other Flavoring Ingredients Fruits

Theoretical Assessment: Product Identification III
End of the Module Evaluation

Module 06: Bakeshop Math

Functions of Ingredients Basic unit conversion Baker's Percentages Formula Conversion Formula Costing

Baker's Math
Functions of Ingredients
Preparing an Action Plan
Theoretical Assessment: Bakeshop Math
End of the Module Evaluation
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Module 07.1 Understanding Flavor

This module is an introduction to the principles of taste and aroma as instrumental elements in our ability to perceive of flavor. The module also examines techniques to create and balance flavor during the cooking process.

Understanding Flavor
The Flavor Wheel

Module 07.2 Practical Assessment Reminders

A guide in accomplishing your practical assessments

Guidelines in Accomplishing Your Practical Assessments

Module 07.3: Introduction to Yeast Doughs

12 Steps of Bread Baking Basic Bread Baking Principles

Basic Baking Principles: The 12 Steps of Bread Baking
Basic Enriched Dough Recipe
Honey Whole Wheat Loaf Recipe
Theoretical Assessment: Introduction to Yeast Doughs
Practical Assessment: Basic Enriched Dough
End of the Module Evaluation

Module 08: Lean Yeast Doughs

Handcrafted Breads Crisp-crusted and Specialty Breads Review of Mixing Methods Use of Preferments Sourdough

Lean Yeast Doughs
Basic Lean Dough with Preferment Recipe
Ciabatta Recipe
Focaccia and Pizza Recipes
Theoretical Assessment: Lean Yeast Doughs
Practical Assessment: Lean Yeast Doughs
End of the Module Evaluation

Module 09: Rich Yeast Doughs

Rich Breads and Brioche Festive and Specialty Breads Viennoiserie

Viennoisserie and Laminated Doughs
IMPORTANT Guidelines for Rich Dough Formulas; Brioche and Festive Breads
Basic Yeast Laminated Dough Recipe
Shaping Techniques for Danish and Croissants
Challah Recipe
Cinnamon Raisin Loaf Recipe
Stollen Recipe
Theoretical Assessment: Rich Yeast Doughs
Practical Assessment: Rich Yeast Doughs
End of the Module Evaluation

Module 10: Quick Breads

Quick Bread Mixing Methods Use of Chemical Leaveners

Quick Breads
Quickbread Faults and Their Causes
Banana Bread Recipe
Bacon, Herb and Cheese Scones Recipe
Sour Cream Muffins Recipe
Theoretical Assessment: Quick Breads
Practical Assessment: Quick Breads
End of the Module Evaluation

Module 11: Cookies

Basic Mixing Techniques Make-up Methods

Cookie Characteristics and Their Causes
Cookie Faults and Their Causes
Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
Madeleines Recipe
Chocolate Almond Biscotti Recipe
Lady Fingers Recipe
Theoretical Assessment: Cookies
Practical Assessment: Cookies
End of the Module Evaluation

Module 12: Pies and Tarts

Pastry Basics Pie and Tart doughs Pie and Tart fillings

Pies and Tarts
Common Pie Faults and Their Causes
Flaky Pie Dough - Apple Pie Recipe
Pate Sablée - Fruit Tart Recipe
Pate Sucrée - Lemon Meringue Tart Recipe
Pate Brisée - Mushroom Quiche Recipe
Theoretical Assessment: Pies and Tarts
Practical Assessment: Pies and Tarts
End of the Module Evaluation

Module 13: Puff Pastry

Non-Yeasted Laminated Dough Enclosing and Folding Techniques Products using Puff Pastry

Puff Pastry
Guidelines for Makeup and Baking of Puff Pastry Products
Puff Pastry Faults and Their Causes
Beef and Cheese Hand Pie Recipe
Pâte Feuilletée (Classic Puff Pastry) Recipe
Mille Feuille Recipe
Sacristains Recipe
Blitz Puff Pastry Recipe
Theoretical Assessment: Puff Pastry
Practical Assessment: Puff Pastry
End of the Module Evaluation

Module 14: Pâte à Choux

Preparing basic eclair paste or Pâte à Choux (choux paste) Proper mixing and baking techniques Pastries that use Pâte à Choux

Pâte à Choux
Pâte à Choux Recipe for Eclairs and Cream Puffs
Gateau Saint Honoré Recipe
Theoretical Assessment: Pate a Choux
Practical Assessment: Pâte à Choux
End of the Module Evaluation

Module 15: Meringues

The three types of Meringues Guidelines for making Meringues Stages of mixing Meringue products

Reminder for Full Settlement of Tuition Fees
Fruit Pavlova/Vacherin Recipe
Macaron de Paris Recipe
Sansrival Recipe
Pastry Buttercream Recipe
Swiss Meringue Recipe
Italian Meringue Recipe
Swiss Meringue Buttercream Recipe
Theoretical Assessment: Meringues
Practical Assessment: Meringues
End of the Module Evaluation

Module 16: Custards, Puddings and Soufflés

Basic Types Guidelines in Making Custards Thickeners

Custards, Puddings and Soufflés
Guidelines When Baking Custards
Custards Faults and Their Causes
Crème Caramel Recipe
Crème Anglaise Recipe
Cheesecake with Berry Compote Recipe
Crème Brûlée Recipe
Chocolate Soufflé Recipe
Theoretical Assessment: Custards, Puddings and Soufflés
Practical Assessment: Custards, Puddings and Souffles
End of the Module Evaluation

Module 17: Basic Cakes and Cake Assembly

Cake Mixing and Baking Icings and Frostings Cake Assembly Basic Decorating Techniques Introduction to European Cakes

Basic Cakes and Cake Assembly
Principles of Cake Mixing
Common Cake Faults and Their Causes
Common Buttercream Faults and Their Causes
Swiss Roll (Roulade Sponge and Swiss Buttercream)
Caramel Almond Cake (Genoise sponge with Caramel Buttercream)
Rum Syrup Recipe
Angel Food Cake Recipe
Lemon Pound Cake Recipe
Pastry Buttercream Recipe
Chiffon Recipe (Birthday Cake)
Boiled Icing (Italian Meringue) Recipe
Theoretical Assessment: Basic Cakes and Cake Assembly
Practical Assessment: Basic Cakes and Cake Decorating
End of the Module Evaluation

Module 18: Mousses, Bavarians and Frozen Desserts

Defining Mousses, Bavarians and Chiffons Basic Elements Classical Desserts

Mousses, Bavarians and Frozen Desserts
Chocolate Mousse Recipe
Brandy Snaps Recipe
Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe
Raspberry Sorbet Recipe
Tiramisu Charlotte
Theoretical Assessment: Mousses. Bavarians and Frozen Desserts
Practical Assessment: Mousses, Bavarians and Frozen Desserts
End of the Module Evaluation

Module 19: Chocolates and Confections

History and Agriculture Production Tempering Methods Basic Candy Techniques Chocolate and Confections - Products

Chocolate and Confections
Tempering Chocolate
Chocolate Faults and Their Causes
Chocolate Truffle Recipe
Knackerli Recipe
Basic Chocolate Garnishes
Chocolate Marshmallow Recipe
Theoretical Assessment: Chocolates and Confections
Practical Assessment: Chocolates and Confections
Proof of Paid Tuition
End of the Module Evaluation

Module 20: Dessert Presentation

Components of a Plated Dessert Guidelines

Dessert Presentation
Molten Chocolate Cake Recipe
Shortbread Crumble Recipe
Raspberry Coulis Recipe
Tuile Recipe
Modern Dessert Presentation Samples
Theoretical Assessment: Dessert Presentation
Practical Assessment: Dessert Presentation
Proof of Registrar's Clearance
End of the Module Evaluation

Student e-Clearance

Our e-Clearance module simplifies the clearance process for students. It provides a list of tasks and requirements, allows students to track their progress, and submit necessary forms and documentation electronically. You can communicate easily with relevant departments and receive real-time updates on the status of your clearance.

Secure your e-Clearance
Enrollment Status
Academic Department
Finance Department
Pending Obligations Dropbox


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Global Academy Certificate in Professional Baking & Pastry Arts
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